A forum for growth of the whole family

Join us for our 5th New Worlds for Newborns

August 14, 2010, 9:00-11:00 AM

At Hawthorne Montessori School - 1414 Kramer Lane (map)

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Experts from various fields will come together and share holistic approaches to nurturing your infant and your family. This forum is hosted by Hawthorne Montessori School, proud to be offering Austin's first authentic Montessori infant program.

Living YOUR Slow Family Life
with Bernadette Noll, mother of four, writer, teacher, maker, collaborator and wearer of many hats - www.slowfamilyliving.com
Slow down, connect, enjoy. What are the messages you receive about family life? What's important to you in family living? How do you want family life to feel? Bernadette will offer ideas, inspiration and suggestions for finding ways to live the connected family life that works for you.

Babywearing 101
with Melia Gordan and Allison Coleman, doulas, parent educators, mothers - www.meliagordon.com and www.supportingmom.com
Babywearing has gotten some bad press lately but it still has an important place in parenting a new baby. Come learn about what slings are available, how to safely wear your baby, and about why wearing your new baby makes sense.

Mothers Unfolding
with Lanell Coultas, doula, childbirth mentor, mother - www.consciousbirthingaustin.com
With the birth of a baby, there is also the Birth of a Mother. What is it like being born into this new identity? How do we honor the new ways we relate to everyone in our lives. How can a new mama use her power in creative and conscious ways, sharpen her intuition, find balance, and discover how to navigate the slue of "helpful advice"?

Information about our previous New Worlds for Newborns

March 20, 2010, 9:00-11:00 AM

Breastfeeding Through the First Year
with Erin Stangland, a Parent Educator with the Parents of Newborns Project at Family Connections.
Erin will talk about breastfeeding your baby: the challenges and rewards. She will offer ways to build your life to feel supported and successful at work and home.

Placenta Encapsulation
with Lindsey Roberts, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
From increased milk supply to easing the 'baby blues', placenta pills make the transition easier on new mothers. Placentas are rare and powerful - Lindsey will discuss how to make the best use of the one available.

Babyproofing Your Marriage
with Cathy O'Neill, author of Babyproofing Your Marriage
Having babies and parenting small children can be pretty tough on a marriage. From the dwindling sex life to arguments about in-laws, Cathy will look at both sides of the post-baby divide and show couples how to reconnect.