The Prepared Environment

Our classrooms are a dynamic blend of the student, the teacher and the environment. It is the role of the teacher to prepare, and continue to prepare the environment, to link the child to it through well-thought-out lessons, and to facilitate the child’s independent exploration and creativity.

Indirect Preparation

The steps of learning any concept are so well analyzed by the adult and are systematically offered to the child. A child is always learning something that is indirectly preparing him to learn something else, making education a joyful discovery and adventure.


The teacher introduces a child to a new piece of work with a lesson; the child independently returns to the work over and over until the skill is mastered and the next harder piece of work is introduced by the teacher. For a child intent on mastering a skill, repetition is self-initiated and joyful as they proudly work towards perfection.

The Three Period Lesson

Maria Montessori adopted the Three Period Lesson to describe how children internalize knowledge through a sequential learning process.

Multi-age grouping

The mixed age classrooms allow older children to learn by helping
younger ones, and younger children to be inspired and challenged by their older classmates.