Michelle Battistone

Michelle Battistone is a nationally recognized expert in Montessori education for infants and toddlers. A field consultant for Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (a Montessori Infant/Toddler teacher training school), Michelle is also part of the site inspection and evaluation team for Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (an autonomous accrediting association for teacher education). Co-Founder of Montessori Mentors, Michelle has spent almost fifteen years teaching infants, toddlers and the adults who work with them. She is currently Head of School at Oaks Adventist Christian School in Houston, TX. AMS-credentialed: Infant/Toddler

Betsy Coe, Ph.D.

Betsy Coe is past president of AMS and an international expert on adolescent education. She is the founder and creative designer of the middle and high school programs at the School of the Woods in Houston, TX, where she serves as principal and teacher. Dr. Coe is also executive director of the Houston Montessori Center for Teacher Education, a regional training center for Montessori teachers. A frequent presenter and keynote speaker at AMS national conferences, Dr. Coe is an advocate for Peace Education. In recognition of her impact within the Montessori community, Dr. Coe has been honored by the American Montessori Society as the 2008 Living Legacy. AMS credentialed: Early Childhood, Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Secondary 2.

Kathy Deleon

Kathy Deleon has many years of experience as an Early Childhood teacher and Head of School at both Montessori and traditional schools. She has earned NAEYC accreditation and AMS affiliation for several schools with whom she has worked. She is an authority on program and faculty development in existing and new schools as well as strengthening schools with increased parent involvement and building community collaborations. AMS credentialed: Early Childhood

Karen Holland

Karen Holland is an engaged, long-time Montessori parent and Creative Director at one of Houston’s top advertising agencies. She has 20+ years of experience with Ogilvy & Mather and Richards Carlberg. Ms. Holland has developed award-winning advertising and graphic design for Shell Oil, IBM, and Central Market, as well as smaller public service and arts organizations.